Since leaving his native Scotland, Alexander Graham Sinclair has spent time in London, Germany, Amsterdam and Los Angeles. He settled in Greater Manchester about 14 years ago but recently moved out of the urban sprawl to a village in rural Cheshire.


He came to painting not via the conventional route of formal academic training but through the pursuit of his own restless exploration of himself. His intellectual curiosity and fertile creative impulse have previously found expression in 'alternative' music making, song writing and poetry.


A free spirit, his work in these various media has been a voyage in self-discovery through self-expression. He has sought self-transcendence in his work by exploration of the supernatural, and self-discipline. At the same time, his art demonstrates a passion for integrity and justice, empathy with the natural world and a rejection of stereotyping, status and the conventions of orthodox respectability.


He has performed live in concert in Scotland, England, the Netherlands and California, has been profiled on the radio and in newspaper features in the UK and the Netherlands and has staged many exhibitions of his paintings in Amsterdam, Germany and the UK.


All of his paintings (more than 1000 to date) are oil on canvas. Many of them employ the use of transparent or luminous paint, and some of them are enhanced with built-in lighting. His early work explored organic and symbolic subjects and elemental, attenuated landscapes with intense focus and unexpected colour. His more recent work displays an increasing fascination with, and mastery of, pure colour and its interaction with light and translucency.